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Hi Glammies, 
So for today’s blog post I wanted to bring you something a bit different from the content that I usually post here. 
While I love all things beauty and style related I actually have another passion/hobby—READING. 

Reading was actually my first true love and passion(in fact, when I was little I used to walk around with my entire collection of Bernstein Bear Books in a tote bag and re read them over and over lol). 
As I got older, my love of reading grew and I continued to devour book after book. In college I even took my love of reading to the next level and majored in English. I read so many books in college and took so many literature classes that I actually took a break from reading for a bit after I graduated( lol I needed a vacation ๐Ÿ˜‚). But after a quick break I was back to reading! 

Anyways, with my love of reading, I thought it would be a fun idea to start a sort of “Virtual Book Club” here on my blog where I share my current reads, my favorite books, reviews and all things book related! 
With the holidays coming I wanted to bring you all my first Book Pick of the Month, which is just in time for Halloween! 

Let's Be Friends: 

I’m not the biggest Halloween fan๐Ÿ‘ป, but I like to celebrate as much as I can. And because I’m  the biggest scaredy cat๐Ÿ˜ฑ EVER, scary movies are not my thing at all —especially around Halloween lol. 
So when I came across  the book ๐ŸŽƒPumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell and Faith Erin Hicks  I immediately checked it out! Not only am I a huge Rainbow Rowell fan, but I was super excited to see that it was Fall/Halloween themed. 

If you’ve ever read Rainbow Rowell’s work(I read eleanor & park last year and it’s literally one of my favorite books EVER, and I’ve read A LOT of books), or you’re looking to get into the spirit of the season, Pumpkinheads is the PERFECT book for you!  

Unlike Rainbow’s past work, Pumpkinheads is her first graphic novel. Because it reads like a comic book, the novel and story itself isn’t very long (it literally only took me about an hour to read from cover to cover), which makes it an easy and quick read. Because it is a novel technically, the book is broken up into short chapters, each chapter being just a few pages or so. In terms of storyline, if you’re looking for a heavy and  thought provoking plot, this book may not be your cup of pumpkin spice latte lol. Because the book is just over 200 pages in total, the plot isn’t as extensive or “deep”  as Rainbow’s usual work but I personally liked the light-heartedness of the story. With Rainbow’s way with words and the BEAUTIFUL graphics and illustrations by Faith Erin Hicks, this book brought out my inner -teenager lol.

If you’re like me and love to celebrate holidays, this book combines the perfect amount of “festiveness” to get your gears going and I would totally recommend you picking it up and checking it out! 
Final Review: 5/5

Below is the synopsis as well as where to buy info if you’re interested. 
Be sure to leave a comment down below of any Fall/Holiday themed books you like to read or recommend  and let me know if you read or plan to read Pumpkinheads
Happy Reading!!!

Synopsis via Amazon:

In Pumpkinheads, beloved #1 New York Times bestselling author Rainbow Rowell and Eisner Award–winning artist Faith Erin Hicks have teamed up to create this tender and hilarious story about two irresistible teens discovering what it means to leave behind a place—and a person—with no regrets.
Deja and Josiah are seasonal best friends.
Every autumn, all through high school, they’ve worked together at the best pumpkin patch in the whole wide world. (Not many people know that the best pumpkin patch in the whole wide world is in Omaha, Nebraska, but it definitely is.) They say good-bye every Halloween, and they’re reunited every September 1.
But this Halloween is different—Josiah and Deja are finally seniors, and this is their last season at the pumpkin patch. Their last shift together. Their last good-bye.
Josiah’s ready to spend the whole night feeling melancholy about it. Deja isn’t ready to let him. She’s got a plan: What if—instead of moping and the usual slinging lima beans down at the Succotash Hut—they went out with a bang? They could see all the sights! Taste all the snacks! And Josiah could finally talk to that cute girl he’s been mooning over for three years . . .
What if their last shift was an adventure?
Where To Buy: HERE and HERE. 

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