🎃Happy Halloween🎃

Hey Glammies, it's October 31st which means that obviously for today's post it's gonna be focused on... HALLOWEEN! 

As I've said before, while I am the biggest scaredy cat ALIVE( I can't even stand to watch a scary movie COMMERCIAL😱!  I either have to change the channel, cover my ears or leave the room lol), I do still like to get into the spirit of the holiday as much as I can and so for today's post I'm going to be sharing with you how I like to celebrate! 

Let's Be Friends: 

This Year's OOTD/MOTD
Probably one of my FAVORITE things about Halloween(aside from the candy 😂) is getting the chance to DRESS UP! The funny part about it is that as a kid, I actually hated dressing up for Halloween(no lie, there's even pictures of me crying in my Halloween costume 😆). While I didn't like getting dressed up for Halloween as a kid, I've really come to LOVE it now as an adult. Not only does it give me a chance to get creative with my makeup  and flex my pro MUA muscles, but it gives me the chance to step outside my comfort zone a bit and play pretend. When it comes to Halloween I find that there are two types of costumes for girls -- the ones that go all out and like to get gory, and the ones who want to look cute/sexy lol. As an adult I'm definitely more of the latter lol and find that I like to just have fun. 

For my Halloween costume/look this year I decided to channel my inner Minnie Mouse lol. 
🐭Minnie Mouse OOTD 🐭
I kept my costume pretty simple and toned down since it's really gross out for Halloween this year. Luckily I had plenty of black clothes in my closet to choose from that matched my Minnie Ears perfectly lol.
Top: Forever 21
Pants: Express
Boots: Karma
Ears:I honestly don't remember where I got my Minnie Ears from since I got them a few years back lol

🎨Minnie Mouse MOTD🎨
Because doing my makeup for Halloween is my absolute FAVORITE thing to do, I like to go all out and get as GLAMMED up as a I can. This year I really wanted to play around with some glitter and so this is the look I came up with. 
 ~Primer: Makeup Forever Step 1 Primer
~Foundation: L'oreal Pro-Matte Infallible Foundation 
~Concealers: elf Camo Concealer + Too Faced Born This Way
Powders: PS Loose Mineral Powder to bake & Maybelline Fit Me Powder to set
Highlight: BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette
~Primers: essence Volume Booster Lash Primer & L.A. Girl Pro Concealer in Toast
~EyeShadow: I used a mixture of palettes and shadows to create this look(mainly blacks and silvers) and then added the glitter on top. Glitter is elf Cosmetics loose glitter in Cosmic Silver
~Eyeliner: Palladio Liquid Liner in Black
~Mascara: essence Lash Princess Liner (False Lash Effect + Sculpted Volume)
~Brows: Jordana FabuBrow Pencil + Maybelline Tattoo Studio Brow Gel
~elf Matte Lipstick in Red Vixen + MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick 
Because Halloween also falls on Thursday this year I thought it'd be fun to share some  of my favorite past Halloween looks and costumes: 


Because it's supposed to a rainy Halloween here this year, my plans are pretty much to stay DRY in doors and make it a Halloween themed Netflix and Chill night. I plan on laying pretty low with my  favorite candy and some movies. Below are a few of my Halloween favs that I like to indulge in around this time.

🍫FAVORITE CANDY/SNACKS🍫 If you know me, you know that I have a HUGE  sweet tooth and so naturally one of my favorite  things about Halloween is the candy. Because I'm more into sweets, I tend to lean towards the chocolate ESPECIALLY Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Reese's are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE CANDY OF ALL TIME( I love peanut butter) and so for Halloween I like to stock up! I also really enjoy eating apple cider donuts, especially when they are freshly made and warmed up a bit.
I know that during this time of year, pumpkin is a hot trend in terms of food and as much as I love coffee and to indulge in all the holiday edition treats, I'm actually probably the only person who isn't a fan of the PSL (don't judge me lol). 

📺FAVORITE MOVIES📺 I'm not a fan of scary movies so when it comes to Halloween movies I like to watch movies that won't give me nightmares hahaha. Some of my favs include The Addams Family, Casper, and of course the Halloween classic Hocus Pocus

📚FAVORITE BOOK📚 I was super excited when I found my first Halloween/Fall themed book. I love reading and one of the things I like to do around the holidays is indulge in a good themed book. This year, when I stumbled on THIS book I was so excited to find that it was Halloween and Fall themed! 

Whether you're planning on staying in or hitting up a party, or going Trick or Treating with the kiddies, I hope that you all are safe and have FUN!!! Leave a comment down below letting me know what your Halloween plans are, if you're dressing up/what you're dressing up as, and some of your Halloween favs! 

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