It’s Fall Y’all!🍁

Happy Tuesday  glam babies! Today I wanted to come to you with a quick Rainy Day OOTD. The weather here on the East Coast has definitely been changing these last few weeks and it’s officially cold enough for Sweater Weather!!! Today here in NYC it’s expected to be a typical fall day with some rain so I chose to wear my leopard print rain boots with this SUPER COMFY gray and black striped sweater.

Originally I was planning on wearing sneakers but after checking the weather one last time before leaving for work, I decided to change and wear my rain boots instead. How many of you sometimes wind up doing that last minute--you spend your time (the night or sometimes days beforehand) setting out and/or planning your entire outfit, only to have to change it last minute because of the weather lol.

Let's Be Friends: 

In any case, despite this not being what I originally had planned to wear, this is what I ended up with.

As far as the full deets on this outfit, much of my OOTD today is actually from things I’ve had in my closet for a few years. I love when I can mix and pair different items in my closet from years ago. The bad side to that though is that often times I either can’t remember where I got the piece from or the item can no longer be purchased or bought. That’s definitely the case with today’s OOTD so bear with me lol. In that case, let me know in the comments if you want me to link similar styles of an item or the items when I have posts like that.

🍂Sweater: I tried so hard but just could not remember where I got this sweater from. It’s from a few years back(at least five) and has really held up which I’m so happy about because it is SO WARM and cozy feeling.

🍂Jeans: JcPenney Decree Jeans- These jeans are also from a few years back. I’ve been buying some of my denim from JcPenney for a few years now and love how they sell really good quality jeans, for super affordable prices.

🍂Boots: Charlotte Russe(I’m still really upset that Charlotte Russe closed down.I have soooo many great pieces and accessories that I’ve bought from them and I was so sad to hear that they were closing down.)

🍂Beanie: I also purchased this beanie(along with a few others in different colors) from Wet Seal a few years ago. I LOVE to wear beanies during the cooler months and find that they are perfect for not only keeping your hair warm, but it’s a stylish way to avoid hat hair and perfect for covering up a bad hair day.  

What’s your go-to OOTD essentials for a rainy fall day?

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