Wet n Wild 2018: Top 5 Best & Worst Products

Wet n Wild's been one of my favorite drugstore brands for years. They're one of those brands that are constantly evolving and really listen to their customers to create products that we'll love, use and recommend to other women. (They're also cruelty-free which is great!).

I've been buying Wet n Wild for so long, I thought I'd give you all my thoughts on their best & worst products along with a few items on my wishlist. Leave a comment down below of your favorite Wet n Wild product or what's on your wishlist from them.


1. ProLine Felt Tip Liner

 I love using this liner when I'm in a rush and need to quickly draw on the perfect wing with little to no effort. The felt tip makes it so easy to control and draw a precise and even line without messing up. 

2. Color Icon Pigments

 I was so so excited when Wet n Wild started to release pigments. I like that their pigments are finely milled, buildable and super affordable if you don't want to break the bank on more pricer pigments.

3. MegaGlo Highlighting Powder

 These highlighters are SO pigmented considering how affordable they are and they give you a really nice, subtle and sun-kissed glow.  

4.1 Step WonderGel Nail Color

The broad color range, rich pigment, and thick brush applicator make these polishes a favorite of mine. Huge Bonus: They don't chip as easily, don't apply streaky and all you need are two coats, and you're good to go!

5.MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick

I remember when Wet n Wild first came out with their set of matte liquid lippies. While the color selection was the bomb, the formula wasn't quite as up to par, so they went back in the lab and reformulated them(I told you they care about their customers), and thus the Catsuit Liquid Lipsticks were born! These matte liquid lipsticks have garnered rave reviews and give some of the pricier drugstore liquid lippies a run for their money.


1.Photo Focus Foundation

I really REALLY wanted to like this foundation, but I just could NOT do it. I've talked about this foundation before, and unfortunately for me, it just didn't cut it. You can read my review on why this foundation was a no-go for me here.

2.Color Icon Glitter Single

Every so often I like to have fun with some glitter(what girl doesn't?), so I first picked up these glitters a few years back. And while they appear to look great in the pan, I find that the gel-like consistency makes application a bit of a hassle and hard to apply. Also, I had to be really, really careful and apply these incredibly slow and at times the glitter would still look splotchy and uneven. 

3.False Lashes - Natural Sync

I'm very particular with my lashes so maybe this one is my fault, but for me, when I wore these lashes even though they were the 'natural' ones they looked a bit dramatic, and the hairs don't look as natural looking as other falsies. 

4.MegaLiner Liquid Eyeliner

This liner wasn't my favorite compared to other liners they have only because the brush applicator is really thin and small. It's great if you are a beginner working with liquid liner because if you make a mistake, you probably won't even notice, but if you're more seasoned at drawing on your wing, the thin applicator makes applying liner more time-consuming. 

5. Essential Brushes

I was so excited when Wet n Wild debuted their first line of brushes that I ran to the store and picked them all up. However, after a few uses, I found that these brushes weren't really ones I'd personally use. For one, they are impossible to get completely clean after you use them- I legit tried every single cleaner, and they still had stains. Also, I wasn't a big fan of the hairs and found them to be a bit too stiff or not dense enough. 


1.Color Icon Eyeshadow 10 Pan Palette

Wet n Wild's 10 pan eyeshadow palettes have been one of the brand's top rated products since the beginning. They recently repackaged their 'iconic' Icon palettes, and I for one can't wait to try them out. 

2.MegaGlo Liquid Highlighter

I'm glad to see Wet n Wild step up their highlighter game with these liquid highlighters and can't wait to see if they are worth the buy. 

3. Photo Focus Matte Face Primer - Partners in Prime +  Photo Focus Matte Setting Spray - Matte Appeal

I first used the Photo Focus Natural Finish Setting Spray about two years ago(read my review here) and thought it worked pretty decent. I was so excited when I saw that Wet n Wild came out with a primer and setting spray for us oily gals and can't wait to see how they hold up. 

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