New (Drugstore) Products Review!

Hi Glammies! I've been doing so much hauling and makeup shopping lately so I wanted to come back and give you some of my thoughts on some of the new products I've been trying out. Let me know down below if you have tried any new products from the drugstore or any recommended products you have hauled and loved and hashtag it #haullottalove.

💄Wet n Wild Lash Primer($5): I've recently been playing with lash primers a lot more lately and have been loving the effect it's been having on my lashes after I apply mascara. Priming your lashes isn't necessary but for me I find it helps accentuate whatever mascara I'm using and adds more volume and definition to my lashes. I picked up this one by Wet n Wild recently during a random drugstore haul and tried it out. 
Pros: Affordable; Cruelty Free; Sleek Packaging and design of mascara wand
Thoughts: I'd say this lash primer was okay. I liked that the primer wasn't too thick or clumpy like other lash primers but it took a couple coats before any product really showed up on my lashes. I'd say this primer gets the job done and definitely primes your lashes but you have to do a bit of work to get there. 

💄Wet n Wild Brush Cleansing Towelettes($3): I came across these towelettes a few weeks back and was instantly intrigued. Usually when I'm doing my makeup and want to brush off any excess makeup or quickly clean a brush I'll use a cleansing spray, but to switch things up I decided to give these a go.
Pros: Cruelty Free; Affordable; Easy to use; Convenient
Thoughts: I thought these brush cleanser towelettes were also just okay. If you want to use the same brushes over again and are switching products, I'd recommend using these if you are in a time crunch. They are an easy, quick alternative to brush spray and don't take as long to dry. The towelettes are pre moistened already so all you have to do is wipe and toss them when you are done. My only con would be that they have a very strong scent to them so if you have a sensitive nose like myself, they may bother you. 

💄Maybelline Strobe Highlighter($8): It's summer time which means your highlighter should be on fleek! I was so excited when I heard Maybelline was coming out with their version of a cream highlighter for the summer and instantly ran to the drugstore to get it!
Pros: Creamy, Smooth Application; Easy to blend
Thoughts: I had such high hopes for this highlighter ( being a highlighter fanatic) and was so hoping this highlighter was gonna be amazing but unfortunately it kinda fell short for me. 😕 While it was very easy to use and blended smoothly into my skin, I found that it left more of a sparkly finish versus a real highlighting, illuminating glow. Also, when I first used this product it barely showed up at all and rubbed off WAY to easily without blending in so if you really want any kind product to show you have to use a couple of layers( and there isn't that much product for all that). Overall I'd say you can probably pass on this highlighter and go for something else. 

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