My July 2016 Favorites!

I can't believe as I sit down to write this that July has officially come to a close and we are moving into August! This year feels like it is whizzing by fast!  For this post I wanted to talk to you about some products I have been obsessed with for the month of July. As a beauty and makeup junkie I am constantly hauling, testing and reviewing products and I wanted to share with you what I have been absolutely loving these past few weeks.  Take a look at some of my favs and let me know down below in the comments section what are some of your July Favorites(#JulyFavorites).

☀️Sheet Masks: I have become so obsessed with sheet masks these past couple of weeks. I have always been a big mask person and find that it really does help rejuvenate my skin. I tend to do a mask at least once a week just to give my skin a good deep clean and get out all the gunk and impurities that build up during the week. I have been giving my cream masks a break and have been trying out sheet masks and find that I love them! So far I've tried out some from Beauty 360(found at CVS) and the Sephora sheet and eye masks and find that they work really well for my skin. I love that the masks come in a such a big variety for different skin issues. I also like that they are super convenient and easy to use. You just peel off the sheet, pop it on for 10 minutes, peel off and go.

☀️ Wet n Wild MAX FANatic Cat Eye Mascara($5): I've been rocking with Wet n Wild for such a long time, I was so excited to try out their new Cat Eye mascara and was very pleased when I used it. Just like it claims, the mascara gives your lashes a soft yet, feminine cat eye look and feel. It's quickly become my go-to mascara to apply to give my lashes that subtle sexiness.

☀️Physicians Formula Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil ($15): I love to add a subtle glow and shimmer to my look during the summer to give my skin that extra bronzey look. With Physicians Formula's Argan Oil I am able to give my legs, arms and d├ęcolletage that subtle shine and shimmer without it being too over powering. Added bonus: It adds miosture, hydrates, and softens the skin. #Winning

☀️Water: Okay I know this one is kind of random but water has been my go-to drink of choice this month for several reasons. A lot of people don't know this but when I was younger I used to drink water for EVERYTHING. For breakfast, lunch, dinner or just because, I was constantly drinking TONS of water. Not only did it help keep my skin nice and healthy, I was more hydrated and had as much energy as if I drank a Venti Iced Latte from Starbucks. Water has so many benefits not just for your health and body but for your skin so I have been really trying to get back into drinking lots more water.

☀️Milani Amore Matte Lip Cremes($7): If you follow me on social media(I'll be sure to leave all that info down below), this favorite should come as no surprise. I recently spotted these lip cremes a few weeks ago at my local Walgreens and hauled them. I was so excited to test them out after hearing such great things and was so, so happy I did because these have been my go-to's lately. The pigmentation is amazing, dries to a nice matte finish, is non transferable and I love the packaging. As with most true matte liquid lipsticks I would recommend taking the usual precautions when using these lip creams(exfoliating, applying a moisturizer beforehand, and using a lip liner). I had no problems eating with this liquid lipstick and for the most part my lip color stayed in place and didn't move. If you are going to reapply or if things do get a little messy, I would suggest removing the lipstick completely with makeup remover and starting over from scratch because it will get crumbly if you apply dry product on top of more dry product(and then you have a hot mess on your hands.)
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