My Summer Essentials ( Summer '16)

My Summer Essentials ☀️👙🍹

Hey Glams! We are officially in the midst of Summer( my favorite season) and my birthday month and with the warm weather, BBQs and lots of summer activities, I have a few summer must haves I have been absolutely obsessed with lately! Take a look at mine and let me know what you can't live without and hashtag it #SummerEssentials. 

☀️ Matte Setting Spray: I naturally have oily skin, so in the summer when I am setting my makeup I prefer to use a setting spray that I know will keep my makeup nice and matte and in place all day and for those late humid summer nights in NYC. The one I have been loving and using  and that works pretty well for me is the NYX Matte Setting Spray($10). 

☀️ A Bomb Highlighter: I have a confession to make. Aside from lipstick, I LOVE  highlighters and they are hands down one of my favorite makeup products of all time. ( I even wear it in the winter to brighten up a dull look). There are so many good highlighters on the market(both high-end and low end) but lately I've been reaching for my Benefit Watts Up Highlighter($30).

☀️Oil Blotting Sheets: Oil Blotting Sheets are a quick and easy way to get rid of any excess oil throughout the day without adding or taking off your makeup. I love these by NYX($6).

☀️ Kimonos: I love to dress up a tank top and shorts with a pretty kimono in the summer. It's an easy way to dress up a drab outfit and its sheer material works great against the sun. The one pictured is about $15 on Amazon. 

☀️ Light Sneakers/Slide Ons: I've been wearing  skippie sneakers in pretty pastel colors( white, coral and this pretty sky blue pictured above), on those days where I want to give my wedges and flat sandals a break. They are super comfy and are made of light material so your feet won't sweat! These are about $14 from

☀️ A Crossbody Bag: I hate carrying a big purse in the summer so I tend to pack much lighter and only carry what's absolutely necessary. A crossbody works perfect and I love this one by Michael Kors($220) it's the perfect size and not too bulky.

☀️ A Fresh Summery Perfume: I love wearing a nice fresh and floral scent in the summer; one that's not too over powering but is still sweet and light. This one by Refuge($15-sold at Charlotte Russe) is one of my favorites! 

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