My Vacation/Birthday Fashion Diary!

Glasses: Aldo
Dress:Forever 21

Last week I finally took a much needed vacation to celebrate my 26th Birthday(July 5th). For seven days I got to  just lay out and relax in Orlando, Florida, visit the beach ( which was amazing) and get on a few rides at Universal Studios. The resort we stayed at (Orange Lakes) was absolutely gorgeous and even though the trip got off to a rocky start(and a few delays lol) I had such an amazing time and it was an experience I'll never forget.

Below are the details of most of the looks I pulled together for my trip. 

P.S. Sorry for the inconsistency in some of the photos, while we had a beautiful villa it didn't come with a full length mirror in the entire suite so I improvised!                                            
Day 2:
   Dress:Love Culture

Shorts: Celebrity Pink Jeans

Day 3(My Birthday):
Bikini:Victoria's Secret
Shorts: Celebrity Pink Jeans
(Yes I changed three times. It was my birthday after all lol)

Day 4:
Top:Forever 21
Necklace:Victoria's Secret Pink(no longer available)

Dress:Love Culture
Peep my tan coming in ;-)
*Day 5: I was completely and totally sick and just didn't have the energy to take any pictures. It just so happened to also be the day that I didn't wear anything spectacular lol

Day 6:
 Hat:Unsure lol
Top:Forever 21

Romper:Charlotte Russe

Hair and Makeup Details:
For most of the trip I kept makeup and hair pretty simple. Because of all the rain and warm weather I kept my hair in fishtail and french braids during the day and left it out at night. For makeup I filled in my brows with a pencil (Wet n Wild in dark brown), used some BB Cream on my face (Maybelline's Dream Finish) and used a nude gloss on my lips(NYX Butter Gloss in Tirimasu). For most of the trip I barely even used mascara but when I did I alternated between Benefit's They're Real Mascara and a few of my favorite Wet n Wild mascaras. On the two nights I did wear lipstick I used MAC's Ruby Woo and Diva.)

*Day 7: We had a really early flight the day we were leaving and literally were running through the airport to make sure we made it so I wasn't able to take any photos of what I wore but for those wondering I wore a plain white tank top from H&M and my favorite Forever 21 dark denim skinny jeans. 

Thanks for reading guys!!! 

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