Im lovin it pt.2

It's day two of Love your body week, and I thought that today I would pick up where we left off.

As I said yesterday, finding things you like about your body is great and it directs your attention to those features as opposed to the ones you don't like.

But what do you do once you have found what you like?

Well, what I like to do is play with what I'm workin with.

In other words, take what you like and show it off!

Now, if you happen to like your breasts or your butt, I am NOT saying to walk around showing THAT off. What I mean is to find a way to accentuate and pay more attention to it.

For example, since I like my breasts and my behind, I like to splurge on sexy or cute underwear and lingerie.

For my eyes and lips, whenever I wear makeup those are the two areas I like to play around with and focus on so they stand out.

See what I mean?

Take what it is that you love about your body and cater to it a little more than usual. Whether it's through some special eyeliner you love to create that cat eye, or cute jeans that show off your long lean legs, or maybe its a nice fitting shirt to show off your shoulders-take the time today to cater to what you love about your body.

Stay tuned on THURSDAY, for the final part(pt. 3) to I'm lovin it.

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