I'm lovin it pt. 3

This is the last and final post about Loving your body and I can only hope that you all have learned to love your body a bit more than you did before.

A lot of times people will turn to products and clothing to make them feel and look more sexy and confident. Little do they know that the key to being more sexy and confident is loving and being proud of the body that you have now.

So, with that being said, my last and final exercise I want you to do is as following.

First, I want you to go in the mirror and every morning give yourself a little thank you.
Say, "Self, thank you for being you and making me unique. It is because I am unique that makes me special. No one can do me like I can do me."

Next I want you to take the time, every once in a while to pamper your body and take care of it. Without you truly taking care of the body you have, your whole life can run astray.

And finally, I want you to make a declaration today, to cultivate and appreciate the skin you are in. You are special, unique, and quite frankly no one else can pull off your look better than YOU can.

Peace and Love.

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