I'm lovin it pt. 1

Loving your body is growing process.

Everyone has their own self esteem issues and personal opinions on their bodies, but the important thing is to remember that EVERYONE all over the world has issues with their bodies and their self esteem. Also it is important to remember that no matter what, there will just be days where you don't feel as sexy or as confident about your look.

What is however, important is your recovery. It is important to recognize that some days you won't be feeling as good about your looks and your body, but instead of focusing on that, it is important to focus on what you DO like about your body.

For example, there are some days I get up and I hate my hair, wish my nose were a bit skinnier or that my legs were a bit thicker. BUT, instead of sulking my sorrows with a box of Krispy Kremes, I do my best to recover.

One of those ways is to look at what I do love. Focusing on the positive as opposed to the negative.

For example- I love my stomach(midsection), I love my breasts, I love my booty, I love my eyes, and I love my lips.

Finding things you love about your body and focusing on that is so important. It takes your mind off of the negative and you're redirecting your thoughts and energy to what you do love about your body.

Take the time today to pick and find things you like about your body. What makes you unique from everyone else?

~Tomorrow I will have pt. 2 on Love your body week(because it is so important to learn to love what God has given you and accepting your body opens the doors to confidence, and happiness).

Peace and Love.

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