Confidence is Key

Every so often our confidence and self esteem is altered.

We wake up feeling less then perfect, someone through out the day makes us question who we are, how we feel and what we look like.

So, whenever I need a boost of confidence there are a couple of things that help my self-esteem:

1. Red Nail Polish-it's classy, and always makes me feel glamorous
2. Sweat pants- the most comfortable creation ever made on this earth!
3. A nice pair of stilettos- the key is - the higher and skinnier the heel, the better!
4.Victoria Secret PINK Underwear- I love this line, their patterns are so colorful and fun!
5.A nice r&b song-I'm an emotional person, so whenever I can find a good R&B song that evokes real emotion within, it helps sort out my feelings.

What are some of your confidence boosters?

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