My Masking Routine: My Road To Clear Skin


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For today’s post, I’m back to chat a bit more about skincare. As you may or may not know, earlier in the year, I shared that this year I wanted to really work on having healthy-looking, clear, luminous skin. For more on my skincare journey so far, you can check it out HERE

And so while I’m on this journey to healthier skin, I wanted to take you all along for the ride in a series of posts where I share with you my progress, routines, and what I’m doing to get to (and maintain) my goal. 
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To kick things off with the series, today I wanted to come to you all with My Masking Routine. Over the past year or so I’ve really made it a point to up my masking game. In the past, I would do a weekly sheet mask or cream mask about every two weeks. And while that routine wasn’t bad, because I really want to work on my skin and improving its overall health, this year I decided that I would really work on upping my masking routine and personalizing it so that way my skin is really reaping all of the benefits. 

While daily, and nightly skincare routines (more on that in a later post) are incredibly important when it comes to achieving clear skin, masking is actually just as important—especially when it comes to maintaining good skin. 

Below I’ve outlined my old masking routine, changes I’ve made to my new masking routine, and some of my new favorite masking products. 

Old Routine Step 1
Using one type of mask: Last year, sheet masks were one of the biggest skincare trends of the year. Everywhere you looked you saw a different type of sheet mask that catered to almost everything. While I was totally obsessed with sheet masks and find that they are super convenient and easy to use, I noticed that my skin wasn’t really benefiting from them the way they should.

New Routine Step 1 
Using different types of masks/Multi-masking: Because I really want to get the most out of my masks now, I’ve customized my masking routine by using different types of masks on targeted areas of my face. I don’t know about you but sooo many different factors(environment, diet & lifestyle, hormonal), affect my skin on a daily basis. I literally will have days where I’m dry in my t-zone but oily everywhere else, or I’ll have a random breakout or hyperpigmentation, and so on and so forth. I’m learning that my skin basically has a mind of its own and the best way to get the most of masking is to cater to each of my skincare concerns specifically(see photo below). It may seem a bit tedious and more expensive to multi-mask at first but, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to better customize your masking routine and to use masks that you know for sure will benefit you in the long run.

Old Routine Step 2
Using your fingers: Considering the overall timing and vibe of what’s going on right now in the world, the idea of using your hands and fingers to touch your face sounds pretty cringe, but believe it or not, up until a few years ago that was how I would apply/wash off my masks — which is a HUGE NO-NO! 

New Routine Step 2
Using masking accessories: If you’re not careful and thoroughly clean your hands before you apply your mask and again before you use your hands to wash your mask off, you can actually wind up doing more damage(and putting more bacteria on your face). That’s why a few years ago I invested in a mask brush. For just a few dollars, you can save yourself from a future breakout or worse! If you can’t get your hands on a mask brush, a great alternative is a foundation brush(just be sure to thoroughly clean it afterward!). Another upgrade I made was investing in a towel to use specifically for rinsing my mask off. Using a makeup remover towel that’s designed specifically for your face will help keep lurking bacteria at bay and leave your face squeaky clean as well. Just remember to wash it thoroughly after each use.

Old Routine Step 3
Using a mask that does nothing for your skin: As I said before, in the past when it came time for my bi-weekly mask I would usually use the same type of mask week after week until I noticed after some time that my skin was either not reacting to it at all, or I would have the same problems or issues regardless.

New Routine Step 3
Trying different masks to see what works for you: Last year, when I saw how popular the sheet mask trend was rising I found that the more types of masks I tried, the more I was able to learn that certain parts of my face/skin require different things. I would literally go out to the drugstores and beauty supply stores and try all different types of sheet masks. While my skin type, for the most part, is oily/acne-prone, I found that some days my skin needed different things that my “skin type mask” did not offer. I say all this to  say, if you really want to improve your masking routine and get the most out of masking, try not to get caught up in your skin type. Instead, watch and study your skin and listen to it/see what it needs depending on the day/week. Experiment and step outside the face mask box—you might be surprised with what you find. 

Old Routine Step 4
Masking occasionally: For me in the past, masking was more or less something I did occasionally when I either was bored, wanted to pamper myself or when I remembered to actually do/had some free time.

New Routine Step 4
Sticking to a strict masking schedule: Now that I’m more focused on working on my skin, masking has become more of a routine. Now I’ve set it up to where I now allot time every week to do my masking routine(just as I would do my morning and night routine). By making it apart of my routine it’s become second nature and has become apart of my normal skincare.

Old Routine Step 5
Doing the bare minimum: In the past, I would look at masking as more of a luxury or something that’s just for fun. I didn’t really go all out or take the time to really look into masking because I didn’t look at it as vital skincare.

New Routine Step 5
Going the extra mile: Now, do I not only see the importance of proper masking, but I also find that the more effort you put into it, the more you’re likely to really benefit and see results. If I’m using a sheet mask, I like to use a cool jade roller to massage my skin. Not only does a jade roller help decrease puffiness, but there’s also a slew of other anti-aging and skin benefits. I also like to use targeted lip and eye masks as well(multi-sheet masking). 

I’m hoping by switching up my masking routine and making these subtle yet important changes, my skin will really start to not only look healthy but feel healthy too. 

Here are some photos as well as purchasing info on some of my go-to masks and masking accessories I mentioned above.

Mutli-masking has been my go-to technique lately when I'm masking. These mask sticks are SUPER easy to use, affordable and only take 5 MINUTES!! 

This is the e.l.f. mask brush I use to apply some of my masks. If you can't get your hands on a mask brush, a flat foundation brush is another great option.

These makeup remover towels are also great for when you want to take off your face masks. They take off everything so easily! 

When I was trying out all different types of masks, Freeman's Beauty masks were some of my favs! I LOVE how affordable they are and the HUGE variety they have! 

I really like to go the extra mile with my masking and so using eye masks, lip masks, and a face roller* really help me get the most out of my masking routine.
 *The face roller I use was currently out of stock where I purchased mine from but the one linked is a great alternative!

Let me know in the comments what your masking routine is or what some of your favorite masking products are. 

Happy Masking!!

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