Bite Beauty: NEW! Power Move Lip Crayon [Full Review, Photos, etc.]

I was so excited when I learned that I was gonna get the opportunity to try these new
“POWER MOVE CREAMY MATTE” lip crayons by Bite beauty. As a self-proclaimed ‘lip junky’ I love playing around with different lip products, textures, finishes and COLORS to see what works and what doesn’t.

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When I had learned that Bite beauty was coming out with their own lip crayon I was even more
 excited being as how on-trend they are! Not only are lip crayons quick and easy, 
they are SUPER convenient and can work as
both a lip liner and a lip color! 
 I had gotten the chance to try out a sample version of Bite beauty’s lipstick and loved it so,
 I jumped at the chance to try their new lip crayon. 

Below is my FULL review.


 💄Creamy Texture: I LOVED the creamy texture of this lip crayon; applying to my lips 

was really easy and fuss-free. The crayon itself is REALLY 
moisturizing & non-drying and it felt super comfortable on my lips 
💄 Packaging: As with all of Bite beauty’s packaging, their lip crayons are super sleek, 
simple, and slender. 
I like that their packaging isn’t bulky and can easily fit into your purse for touch-ups. 
I also like that the color of  each crayon is also on the outside so you don’t have
to individually open each crayon to know what color it is.
Because of the innovating design, the crayon also comes with a sharpener at 
the base of each crayon to sharpen 
when the point gets dull.
💄Lots of color options: While I got to try a really pretty berry color, 
(Açaí Smash), I like that they have other
options (like nudes, pinks and reds) to choose and play with

💄Not Transfer proof: While this lip crayon is pigmented, I didn’t find that it is
 completely opaque.
 While I’m not sure about the other colors, (like the nudes, etc) I found that the
natural liner of my lips did peek
 through a bit even after applying two layers. I also noticed that the crayon
 never dried to a “true” matte finish.
 The color came  off super easy and was NOT transfer-proof which is something
to keep in mind if you’re not a fan of touch-ups
💄Pricey for a lip crayon:  At $24 these crayons are on the pricer side compared
 to other brands I’ve seen

Overall I liked this lip crayon and definitely think it’s worth trying out. This crayon
works really good as an all-in-one  lip product. The wonderful color payoff, 
sleek design/packaging and  AMAZING texture make this crayon a win
 for me and I definitely recommend it! 

To purchase you can buy it HERE.

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Will you be trying this lip crayon or adding it to your collection? *Thanks to Influenster and Bite beauty for sending me this product complimentary for my honest review.
All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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