Brows with Benefit Cosmetics! [Video + Pics & More]

Another day, another beauty event! Last month  I started my May off with one of my favorite beauty brands in the industry, Benefit Cosmetics, at an exclusive makeup artist industry event!

Exclusive to certified professional (working)makeup artists in Benefit Pros’ MUA program, their inaugural “BenePro” event in NYC was the first of the company’s kind.

Held at their brow boutique/store in SoHo in Manhattan, the “Brows & Beauty Meet-up” featured one of Benefit’s Makeup Masters, Jose Rivera  as he took us “on-set” of an impromptu photo shoot where he shared his tips, tricks, hacks and must-haves to getting the perfect photo shoot photo in minutes!!

Along with sharing his photo shoot worthy must-have products, Rivera showed us how to achieve the perfect airbrush worthy look using some of the  company’s award-winning and raved about products. With more than twenty years of experience in the makeup industry, Jose’s expertise is truly limitless. Along with showing us how to truly slay your brows, Rivera taught us the importance of texture and how to make a limited amount of products(and when you're low on time) work for you when you're on a photo shoot.
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While attending the event, aside from the hands on demo, mingling with fellow artists and getting the opportunity to stock up on products for my kit, I got to learn some pretty cool facts about Benefit!

For example, did you know that the  GAW-JESS  packaging of our favorite holy grail brow products was designed by fellow MUA and beauty educator Danessa Myricks?! That's right, you can thank Danessa for the look of the Precisely My Brow, Goof Proof pencils, etc. that we all know and love.
Another fun fact I learned about Benefit is that the company’s original goal in mind for the brand was to create products for the everyday(working) woman to help make her life easy(which I’m sure we all can totally appreciate now!). Because that was their goal in mind,  a lot of the company’s products are actually made to be multi-functional!
We also learned the backstory to how the company's famous BeneTint liquid blush came to fruition but unfortunately that story is a little too NSFW to share 😬
It was truly an honor to attend this Benefit Pro event and I look forward to hopefully attending more and what the company has in store for us next-- either way I'm sure it will be amazing!

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