New Year, New Makeup!

Happy New Year ladies!! We are officially one full week into 2019 already! 
I hope you all had a great start ringing in 2019 and celebrating the start of a new year. And I can't wait to see what this year has in store for us! 

For me, the start of the New Year started off with a few surprises and things I didn't expect- I basically was bed ridden for the week after catching a cold! 🤧 Catching a cold at the top of the year certainly wasn't in my plans and definitely put a  monkey wrench into a few things I had planned to kick off at the start of the year( like this post lol). 

In any case, while my year didn't quite get off to the start I had hoped and planned for, while I recuperated I got the chance to read up on all the new makeup trends, news and  new makeup/ beauty products that are expected to be released for 2019! 

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From the looks of what I've been seeing 2019 is looking to be even more innovative and fun. No matter what's to come, 2019 definitely is looking to be better than ever-- especially in the world of all things makeup and beauty! I for one can't wait for all the new and exciting social media beauty trends, product  launches, and more to hit online and in stores.

Below I've rounded up just a few of the latests in all things beauty/makeup related from the past week, including upcoming product launches, and predicted trends of 2019. 

Take a look and let me know down in the comments what you're most excited about in the beauty world for 2019. 

2019 Makeup/Beauty Trends and Upcoming Releases

I Don't Think You're Ready For This Jelly
In 2018, the beauty world was introduced to a new type of formulation- jelly. Farsali practically set the world on fire when it came out with their Jelly Beam highlighter that packed a mighty,well, glow. This year you can expect to see way more of that jelly as many companies like Wet n Wild and Colour Pop are incorporating it into their products. 

Work It Out

Speaking of Wet n Wild, the affordable drugstore OG brand kicked things up into high gear  over the last two years when the company did a complete revamp and launched a slew of new products! Along with packaging and formulation changes, the company's rebrand had beauty influencers and enthusiasts looking at the brand in a new light (which we totes approve of). Since the company's rebrand Wet n Wild has been consistently releasing new products we've been stanning and it looks like this year they aren't showing any signs of slowing down. According to an article by Allure ( via Yahoo) W N W is planning on releasing a new collection that caters to women who aren't afraid to bust a sweat. According to the article, Wet n Wild's Pump Collection is gonna be the company's first "ath-beauty" collection that caters to women who are focused on their fitness. The new line features a slew of products ranging in everything from skincare, to fragrance, to makeup and even hair care. Judging from the photos, the  expansive new line looks like it's gonna give us one more reason/excuse to hit the gym and work on our 2019 #bodygoals. Oh and did I mention that everything is under $9? Sign me up!  

Cover Girls 

As if Rihanna has already snatched our edges(and our coins) enough last year, just days into 2019 Bad Gal RiRi came for our necks yet again when she announced that she will be releasing highly anticipated concealers and face powders under her Fenty makeup line. Rihanna completely shut the beauty industry DOWN( and set the bar pretty damn high) when she released her expansive and inclusive line of foundations so I can only imagine  that her concealers and face powders are gonna pack an equal punch. Get your wallets ready ladies!

Shadow Runner 

Okay so while this launch technically happened LAST YEAR, because it happened just five days shy of 2019, I'm gonna include it anyway because it's just that bomb. Not only can I totally see Huda Beauty's Melted Shadows becoming a HUGE trend in 2019, the two sided shadow sticks are gonna totally give you that snatched smokey eye in a fraction of the time( seriously just take all my money now why don't you).  Over the past two years,we've seen Huda Kattan's makeup brand completely explode and if her latest launch of shadow sticks are any indication of what's to come, I for one can't wait to see what Huda's got up her sleeve next. 

What are some beauty trends you're anticipating for 2019? 

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