Skincare 101: Mask Mania!

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Today I wanted to  talk about some skincare basics. As some of you may or may not know, not only am I a beauty blogger/selfcare junkie, I'm also a certified Makeup Artist. 

One of the components (and a large one at that) I learned when studying in makeup school was all about skincare. 
As a MUA, I've been fortunate to really learn and understand that taking care of your skin not only helps your makeup come out smoother, but the healthier your skin is, the less product you have to apply or to cover your imperfections.  

As a face mask junkie I personally love using masks as a way to help keep my skin clean and free of any dirt and impurities. 

Recently I've given the cream masks a break and have been totally obsessed with sheet masks. 

Sheet Masks are the current skincare must-have and with good reason. Not only are they super quick and easy to use, they are travel friendly, mess free, and pack tons of cleansing power in a thin sheet of cotton! 

Sheet Masks have certainly come a long way since I started using them and now not only are there sheet masks 
for your face, they have masks for almost every part of your body including your eyes, your lips and even your hands and feet. 

Below I've done quite a bit of research of some of my current favorite masks, how and why I use them and the benefits of each type.  

Sheet Mask 101:

-Face Masks
Why They Are Amazing: They are doused in a serum-based formula making it mess free and a One step  process; most are packed full of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals all catering to your specific skin concerns and needs and come in a large variety including: (firming for anti-aging,moisturizing for dry skin, brightening for dullness,detoxifying for dirty/acne prone & oily skin) They also won't dry out the skin like  clay mask formulas which can sometimes work against your skin. 

My Current Favs: Miss Spa Deep Cleaning Masks, yes To masks, beauty 360 Detoxifying Masks, fango essenziali Purifying Masks, Dermactin-TS masks, Sephora Collection Face Masks

-Eye Masks
Why They Are Amazing: Under eye sheet masks  "offer targeted therapy to an area where we often need it most"( like dark circles, dehydration, puffiness and fine lines) says Dr. Hadley King, MD, a NYC based dermatologist. Under eye sheet masks also helps prevent  water evaporation, so the skin stays hydrated for a longer period of time.
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My Current Favs: elf gel under eye masks; PS  Cucumber Infused  Eye Masks (found at Primark), Sephora Collection Eye Masks

-Lip Masks
Why They Are Amazing: Most lip masks   contain glycerin which acts as a natural humectant that helps bind moisture to the skin and also helps retain moisture; some lip masks also have plumping power if they contain collagen giving you fuller kiss worthy lips! 

My Current Favs: PS Cranberry Lip Patches( found at Primark), Sephora Collection Lip Masks

-Hand & Foot Masks 
Why They Are Amazing: Aside from being moisturizing, hand and foot masks help keep your hands and feet baby smooth and soft. Our hands and feet take a beating daily so sheet masks are a great way to revive them. Like other sheet masks, hands and foot masks also target certain skin concerns like calluses, extreme roughness and dryness, and there are even some hand masks that target any nail concerns you may have.

My Current Favs: Absolute New York Repair & Care Foot Masks, Sephora Collection Hand Masks 

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