Trend Alert: Hand Makeup

Hello Glammies!! 
I hope you all are having an amazing week so far! It's finally March and I'm so excited to see what this month has in store! 

Today I wanted to talk about this latest trend I saw recently while trolling my favorite Instagram beauty gurus and make up artists:  Hand Makeup. 

If you have been on the Gram recently then I'm sure you've seen this trend that seems to slowly be taking over your timeline. 

After a few pictures of artists' hand makeup caught my eye, I decided to do a bit of research on the latest makeup social media trend and here's the skinny: 

Hand Makeup ( or H.M. for short) is basically just another way for you to practice  or play with different makeup looks using... You guessed it, the back of your hand! Now, HM is not to be confused with professional face charts, which are strictly used by artists to sketch out a detailed  COMPLETE makeup look including contour,eyes, highlight, blush, etc. 
Instead, HM is a freelancers way to practice and play with different shadows and looks without taking it too serious. 

Now, instead of  going out and purchasing face charts in bulk, aspiring artists and beginners can practice and play with a look on their hands and get a decent visual. 

 I will say that while hand makeup is a cool and easy way to practice your makeup skills it definitely doesn't replace a face chart, ESPECIALLY if you are a professional makeup artist or freelancing. I would not recommend using your hand makeup tutorial as a demo or trial session with a potential client because it lacks professionalism. Plus, unlike face charts that allow you to draw out and craft every detail of a makeup look, for the most part, the hand makeup designs I have seen only pertain to an eye/brow look at most. 

So overall do I think this trend is a great way to practice or show off your skills?  Sure, but its definitely not something to use in a pro makeup /work setting. 

Below are a few of my favorite hand makeup designs done by some of my favorite Instagram Artists and Gurus. Let me know in the comments, whose hand designs you have been loving as well! 

Until next time, have a wonderful week Glammies! 

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