Motivation Monday : The Law Of Attraction

Good Morning Divas,

For today's motivational Monday post we thought it'd be fun to switch things up a bit and talk about something that we've been LOVING here at The Divas Guide To Life- The Law Of Attraction.

A few weeks ago we stumbled upon this interesting Instagram post by one of our favorite bloggers Necole from and she was talking about using our thoughts to work in our favor. The basic principle and concept around the Law of Attraction is this: positive thoughts attract positive thoughts. What ever it is we think about, consume and direct our attention to will manifest in our lives. Like attracts like.

With that being said we wanted to explore a bit more into this concept and so far we've been loving the research and all that we're learning.

To start we sought out one of the most popular gurus of the Law of Attraction : Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret. In her critically acclaimed book, Byrne delves into the Law of Attraction tenfold and gives you the basics and ins and outs.

For this week's motivation Monday post, we've attached the full length movie that directly coincides with the book. With tons of thought provoking questions and insight, we found the movie to be motivating and help us direct our energy into achieving our goals.

Take a look and let us know what are some of the ways you stay motivated?

~Have a fab week Divas~

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