(Beauty) Timeless Scents: Fragrances And Lotions To Use All Year Round!

Its hard these days to find a great fragrance that does everything you want. With so many options and changes in your mood, occasion and season- most of the time we have to go through a bevy of fragrances each morning to find the right one. And while variety is always fun, sometimes you just want a go to fragrance that works for everything.
If you want to know some of the best scented fragrances and lotions that work for everyone read below for our favs:


 Everyday Fragrance: Curve Chill for Women
Date Night Fragrance: Beyonce  Heat
Fun and Flirty Fragrance: Chanel Chance
Fresh and Feminine Fragrance: Acqua Di Gioia

Great for moisturizing: Vaseline Cocoa Butter-for the best deals try your local drugstore or supermarket.
Get's the job done:  Carol's Daughter in Almond Cookie
Moisturizes and smells amazing: Victoria's Secret  Hand Lotion-found in Victoria's Secret stores only
An old classic: Johnson and Johnson Baby lotion- found at local drugstore or supermarket.

 Bath & Body Works always has a huge variety of scented or non scented hand sanitzers that does wonders on your hands for a quick clean and they are super affordable.
Check them out here.

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