Business Babes (New York Edition)

When young, gifted female entrepreneurs come together it can be a moment full of power and motivation. Last Thursday, as business women from various industries came together at Jay-Z's 40/40 Club to celebrate serial entrepreneur Yolanda Keels-Walker's latest business venture, spirits were high and you could feel the positive energy that enveloped the room.

As owner of two successful businesses, Suite Extensions(a chain of niche hair salons specializing in extension services) and Pink Label Beauty(a beauty boutique that offers hair extensions; make up classes/services, a hair care line, and apparel), Keels-Walker's latest business, Business Babes (  focuses on female empowerment through events and online content that will encourage and promote healthy relationships amongst women.

“As a female entrepreneur, I faced many hardships and barriers when starting my businesses. I wanted to do something that would make the load lighter for women like me. The Business Babes blog, as well as events are my way of doing that, ” says Yolanda Keels – Walker.

The blog will serve as a resource for aspiring and current entrepreneurs, highlighting women entrepreneurs and also serve as a hub for women to share their experiences through the journey of entrepreneurship,with the goal of making it easier for other women to navigate this often complicated path.

With entrepreneurship being such a difficult and stressful path to pursue, Business Babes offers the support and upliftment  we often need while climbing the business ladder. Be sure to visit for more -Nistas!

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