Book Review: Straight Talk, No Chaser

As an avid reader I've read a lot of books of all genres and categories. And as a "modern day" Carrie Bradshaw, any insight into my niche (sex, love, men, and relationships) I am more than open to learning about and taking in. 

So when I was looking for my next book to read in hopes of focusing on how to strengthen my current relationship, Steve Harvey's Straight Talk, No Chaser seemed like an obvious choice. After reading Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man I was left wanting more from the practical and straight forward advice Harvey offered. 

Unfortunately for me, with Straight Talk, No Chaser* I was left breezing through the book with ease and left wanting more...all for the wrong reasons. For some reason, Steve Harvey's second attempt to dish out more advice to ladies suffering from common love qualms left me with several unanswered questions and barely any advice I could take from the book and use it to apply to my own life. A lot of the chapters and material used seemed like bad b-roll from his first book. 

And while I'd love to give Harvey an amazing review, I'd be doing several readers an injustice by lying. As opposed to completely bashing Harvey for his writing efforts, I'd like to recommend my readers to his first book, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man. If you REALLY want to get into the minds of a man and get your love life in order read THAT book and save this one for the shelves. 

*This review is solely my opinion. 

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