How Can We All Be A Little Bit Like Michelle Everyday?

Before I get into this post, let me first just say- this in no way has ANYTHING to do with politics and this has NOTHING to do with politicians. This post is about Michelle- as a person. Her character, her grace, her intelligence, and her inner beauty.

Michelle Obama is many things. A mother. A wife. A supporter. A woman who had a successful career. A woman of intelligence.

And  no matter what you may think of her political views, no matter what you thought of her speech at the Democratic National Convention last year,  whether you agree with her political stance or not- a few things can be said about Michelle that can not be argued.

Michelle Obama is in love with her husband. Michelle Obama is a lady with class. Michelle Obama is incredibly passionate about what she believes. And Michelle Obama has amazing poise.

One thing about Michelle Obama that can be said is that whether you like what she's wearing or not, whether you're a Democrat or a Republican, when Michelle's presence is known-whether it 's on television or in a magazine, or at an appearance-she has a way of making people look at her not as a Democrat, and not as The First Lady of the United States. She shows you who she is once you strip away those titles- a loving mother, wife, and daughter. A friend. A smart woman who knows the importance of intellect over beauty, kindness over cruelty, and love over hate. In short-she shows you who Michelle is at the core.

And that's what I want to encourage you to do as well.
This isn't about copying everything Michelle does,how she dresses and how she acts. Far from it actually.
 This "non-How To", is to hopefully inspire and encourage you to be your authentic self and to be the person you aspire to be, by exploring and developing who you are at the core.

 Michelle is just an example of the type of woman, I and several others personally aspire to be like. She encompasses the qualities of the woman I hope to evolve into.
 And that's what I want to encourage. Finding the qualities of the person you hope to evolve into.

 So as I close out, I want to ask again this time, How can we and do You plan on being like Michelle every day?

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