Affordable Websites for Online Shopping

These days when it comes to shopping we are all looking for two things: great prices and great quality.

With the Fall Season rapidly approaching I figured I'd give you some of my picks for the best websites for online shopping. While I love a good day hitting the malls and stores on foot, sometimes online shopping can be just as fun, quick and EASY.
Here are my picks:

Lulus-Great For: Apparel

Go Jane-Great For: Accessories

Urbanog- Great For: Footwear

These are three of my favorite websites to visit when I don't have time to run to their stores:


Charlotte Russe

Forever 21

Feel free to leave some of your favorite sites and tips for online shopping in the comments section!

**Keep in mind though, whenever you're looking to buy online make sure you have a few things straight first:
a) Know your sizes - make sure you check the size chart(if there is one available) to make sure their measurements are equivalent to yours. There is nothing like ordering something and when it arrives it is too small or too big.
b) Check their return and shipping policies.
c) Make sure when you're doing any transaction online using your I.D. or bank info that it is legit. These days some stores even give you the option to go through certified sites like PayPal or you can order your item through the phone. Either way, beware.

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