Book Review : What Would Michelle do?

"What would Michelle do?" By Allison Samuels is a great how - to modern guide on how to live a life similar to  that of the First Lady's-with class,confidence,style and sophistication.

Offering great candid advice on self esteem, confidence, having a fulfilling and successful career, as well as nurturing your personal relationships, to keeping it all together and balancing it all, to creating a home and space and leaving a legacy for yourself, this book offers everything the Modern Woman needs to create the fulfilling and happy life she always wanted.

 What sets this book apart from the others is the practical tips and general references it gives you on topics ranging from beauty and fashion to business and branding yourself and lifestyle. It also gives you candid tidbits of Mrs. Obama's life. Part biography, part guide- this book is a must add for your bookshelves.

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