Shoe Frenzy

I am a strong believer that in order to be a full fledged fierce woman, you need the perfect pair of shoes to match and complete every ensemble.

Now, I am not suggesting to go out and splurge on a million pair of shoes(but who the hell needs that as an excuse-hello? we're talking shoes ladies- we're gonna buy a million pairs anyway!)

What I do think is just as important as the shoe and style trend of the moment is having the basic styles that help properly accessorize your outfit.

Whether you're going out for a night with the girls, a first date, or to the grocery store- here is my list of the shoes every woman should have in her closet:

1.A great pair of black heels- black heels are classic, and the perfect go to heel for pretty much any occasion-a first date, work, a night out, even to formal events. With a black heel you have the chance to play with color with other parts of your outfit. When searching for your black heels, make sure you find a pair that is COMFORTABLE in height and classic in style- try not to buy a trendy gladiator but go for something more classier like patent leather or round toe- so you can also wear it all year round.

2.A comfortable, colorful pair of ballet flats- I think it's important to obviously have a pair of flats in a neutral or nude color. It's perfect to throw on for work, or when you want to look more dressier without wearing a heel. However I also think that it's great to have a pair of flats in a classic pattern or bright color- like a nice leopard print or a royal blue, pink, purple, red or any color that you like. However ladies when wearing your colorful flat, try and tone down the outfit-too much color in one ensemble is overkill-NOT CUTE!

3.A sexy boot- I recommend spending time searching for a boot with a classic style and less trendy. Pay close attention to the height of the heel, the style and consider whether you want it to be round toe, pointy toed, suede or leather, and other little details like that. Also try and think of what and where you'll be wearing them. Are they for work only? Jeans? Do you want something you can wear with dresses and skirts as well? All of these are important questions to consider when searching for your boots.

4.A comfortable, "girly" sneaker-For working out and those annoying Saturday errands I love to wear a cute ATHLETIC sneaker that has cute and pretty feminine detail. For example, I have a pair of running sneakers that are baby pink with little "sprinkle-like" pattern covering it. The sneaker fits its purpose but it also adds a feminine touch to it.

5.A fabulous pair of red stilettos- Every woman needs a great pair of stilettos that scream "fabulous" no matter what you have on-even if it's a garbage bag! And for that I think that a great red stiletto is the shoe for you. Whether it's fire engine red, patent leather or suede, or classic leather in a rosy red, a red stiletto can take your outfit to a ten in a matter or seconds!

Here is my list of shoe essentials, what are some of your must-have shoes?

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