Book Review: What I know now about success

I recently finished reading this really great book of letters of women in all different types of industries- fashion designers, sport coaches, businesswomen, politicians, writers, producers, finance gurus, journalists, actresses-the list goes on and on.

In "What I know now about success", these letters are unique and specific advice written to these women at certain points in their lives. As successful women in their appropriate field, these women have suffered and come out on top through divorce, personal loss, cancer, miscarriages, and business failures.

I loved to see such a large batch of women who come from all different walks of life come together and give their own pieces of advice to their younger selves on what success is and how to get it.

What I loved so much about the book was this message- the truth is, there is no real path or steps to YOUR success. Every one's success and path is measured differently so enjoy the ride, make mistakes, LEARN from them and move on. In the end, your happiness is what's most important.

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