Book Review: The Between Boyfriends Book

I found this book by chance and let me tell you it is hilarious.

Ladies, we have all been through it.

After you break up with a guy you go through this phase where you are "between boyfriends".

That time gives you a chance to reflect on it all- the good times, the odd times, the actual break up, DATING SOMEONE NEW AGAIN, and all the mess that comes along with it. Thus comes Cindy Chupack's Book.

A collection of essays from hopeless romantics and sometimes depressing wannabes who are just looking for romance in ALL-THE-WRONG-PLACES.

This book, if not anything is funny, and hopeful(surprisingly), for all the single ladies who are out there. If you're like myself and just looking for a really good laugh about all the craziness and funny-as-hell stories that come along with break ups, dating and being single- pick up this book and give it a read. You will laugh your way through this- and hopefully into your next relationship!

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