When life gives you lemons... make Sangria

As the New Year continues to roll on and we get ready to say goodbye to January (and hopefully all of this snow), February is right around the corner and approaching us all at full speed.

For the past few weeks, as everyone started to get back into the flow of work, getting on with their resolutions and goals, and trying to just keep up and deal with everyday life, I, too was doing well enough where I was feeling motivated, and taking some type of action to make things happen.

And then, after a few days, maybe even a week or so, reality set in. One thing after another kept happening, whether it be the snow, or a cold, a setback, or an argument here or there with someone, I was left feeling anything but happy.

It was at that moment that everything set in and became crystal clear.

While 2011 will continue to bring about change and some type of progression- it is almost inevitable that at times something is going to happen to throw you off track, because let's face it- shit happens.

You can't hide from it, you can't run from it, and as much as we all want to climb into bed and get under the covers and have it magically disappear- you can't avoid it either.

So what exactly can you do about it?

That's simple- when life gives you lemons and you don't want lemonade you make... Sangria!

What all this basically means once you strip away the fancy writing is simple. When shit happens to throw you off track this year- when things start to feel as if they are going down hill, when it seems as if you are getting no where, when you feel as if any and everyone is against you, when it seems as if you keep getting lemons when you wanted oranges- take it for what it is, deal with it- and try and make the best out of what you have.

There are going to be plenty of times this year, and in life where something happens to you and you feel as if you are going backward and not forward, or you feel as if nothing is happening for you, or noone understands you, and things just aren't right. But what I hope you can all take from it when that does actually happen is to make what you can out of the situation- and just keep on keepin on.

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