Cute, fun and easy inexpensive dates

Around the holiday season, everyone is hustling and bustling to go Christmas Shopping, get their new outfits for those Christmas Parties, get their hair and nails done... the list of expenses seem to go on and on as our pockets grow thinner and more strapped for cash.

So for all my couples out their who may be dating on a dime here are a few dates that are inexpensive easy and AFFORDABLE.

If you think of any others, add it on- we all can use a good idea!

1-Yummy in my Tummy- Nothing says love and happiness like a home cooked meal. Especially around Christmas time! Instead of doing the usual, why not try a new holiday recipe for two. Or get creative with dessert. What about red velvet cupcakes and green icing (yummy)?Or Christmas tree brownies (yes please!)? Also, if you're looking for candle light decorum, now is the time to be creative. Most of the holiday decorations come half off, especially if you have a coupon!

2-Just the right spot-Around this time of year, whether it be at work or just taking in all the craziness that is associated with the holiday season, there tends to be more backaches and headaches than usual. So why not break out the massage, or baby oil and give each other massages. You'll feel more relaxed afterward.

3-Board, Bored, Board- Boardgames these days aren't just for little kids. Why not break out some of the old favorites( like: Sorry!-I know you all remember that game) and add a little twist to it. Make a romantic bet. Go for it!

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