7 beauty tips to help you survive the winter months

The blistery days of winter can wreak havoc on your skin. Let's be honest here, the cold air and wind irritates your skin, face, and hair. However with a few of these beauty tips, you'll soon be able to easily adapt to the cold weather

1-Body butter- During the winter, I like to use body butter as opposed to regular lotion due to the simple fact that the thicker texture holds in moisture ten times better than lotion. After a shower or bath, apply body butter to damp skin. It'll leave you with silky soft and smooth skin all day albeit inside or outside.

2-Sunscreen- What I find during the winter months is that alot of people will skip the sunscreen and just go straight to the moisturizer after washing their faces. But putting on sunscreen during the winter is just as important as putting on sunscreen in the summer. So remember to wear sunscreen in the winter time as well.

3-Vaseline-I have been using Vaseline since I was a little girl. It's a really great moisturizer, especially for chapped and dry lips and all you need is a teeny tiny bit. Remember to wipe away excess with a tissue.

4-Moisturizer- I don't know about you, but during the winter the moisturizer I use in the summer does NOT work for my skin in the winter- instead of keeping my face moisturized- it dries it out even more! So I have to switch it up- depending on your skin type and how the cold weather effects your skin (i.e. dryness, excessive redness, more flakier than usual) you may have to switch which moisturizer you use. Recommendation-Aveeno's moisturizers are excellent for most skin types. And while it may be pricey, it works amazing and they have a wide variety to choose from depending on what you are looking for.

5-Foundation- Your skin is more than likely to be EXTRA sensitive to the cold and harsh weather, so unlike in the summer when all you needed was a good tinted moisturizer, in the winter, it is better to use a long lasting, thicker foundation that matches your skin tone. It will take better to the cold and won't dry out as quickly as tinted moisturizers (which are incredibly light)

6-Mascara- Mascara is a beauty must have all year round. And during the winter, you can have a lot more fun playing with your eye make up and that includes your lashes, so always keep a good mascara handy.

7- Laughter- Ok, anyone can use this tip during the winter which is why I included it in this list. During the Holiday season things can tend to get a bit stressful and sometimes out of control, which is why laughter is by far the most important and best beauty tip out there. In times like those, when you feel like the stress is just too much, taking the time to laugh will do wonders for your skin AND your SPIRIT.

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