I know I'm working on finals (I actually have my Law Final in my lap as we speak-but hey, I'm a multitasker), but I just had to take the time and wish all the mothers out there a Happy Mother's Day!!!

And to my own mom-Mommy, thank you for being so supportive, and encouraging and wise. Thank you for always pushing us to strive for the best and be the best Tiffani I can be. Even though I can't be there today I hope you know I love you and appreciate all that you do for me every day.

To my Grandma Marilyn and Grandma Cordner- thank you also for your wisdom and support as well.

You all have helped make me the strong, independent, smart, classy woman I am today.

I learn from the best. THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU.

It's important that we all recognize how special and wonderful our mothers and grandmothers are.

Peace and Love.

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