Rec Time!

My list of movies and books I never get sick of watching or reading :


1.The legs are the last to go- Diahann Carroll (She is an incredibly sophisticated, classy entertainer who, well into her 70s, still steps out in style EVERYWHERE SHE GOES- she is the definition of diva!)

2. Fabulosity- Kimora Lee Simmons (A very well written book about defining and finding your inner "fabulosity" and applying it to all aspects of your life)

3. Beautylicious- Jenyne M. Raines (Every sista should have this book! It's a great guide to the fabulous life)

4. That extra half an inch-Victora Beckham(a great coffee table book, lots of beautiful pictures and tons and tons of FASHION!!!!)

5. Exactly as I am- Shaun Robinson(great book that helps develop self esteeem)


1. Breakfast at Tiffany's- THE CLOTHES, THE CLOTHES, THE CLOTHES !

2.The Beyonce Experience- great empowering songs for women with great beats and amazing choreography

3.The Devil Wears Prada - a visual Bible for any young fashionista-in-training who wants to know what it's really like to hold a job in the fashion industry

4. How to marry a millionare- a satirical movie about three superficial women who all want to snag millionares. Did I mention Marilyn Monroe is in it? -HOW FABULOUS!
5.Sex and the City-the movie- a great movie about true friendship and fashion-who can ask for anything more?

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