"oh what a feelin..."

I just got finished dancing out some frustration and I feel so good now! You see, every now and then life takes a turn and things don’t always go the way you had hoped they would in your life. Well, when that happens to me, I dance out all my frustration. It sounds silly but it actually really is helpful.
I started doing it sophomore year. After a really bad day, I’d go to my room, clear the floor, put on sweats and my most upbeat danceable play list and I’d just do choreography.
As you all may or may not know, I love Beyonce and her dancing and videos are amazing so when I have my little dance time I like to think of myself as channeling my “inner Beyonce”. And believe it or not, after about a half hour or so of dancing, I manage to forget all about the bad and am in higher spirits again!
So that’s my secret. I think everyone should have at least one thing they do that’s GOOD FOR YOU OR CONSTRUCTIVE, when you’re in low spirits. Since mine is channeling my inner Beyonce and dancing, what’s yours? (drinking, smoking, partying and eating do NOT count- I said constructive!)

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