❄December Book Of The Month: Snow In Love ❄

Happy December Glammies!!!
This month for the book club, I’m back with a festive, holiday-themed pick for the month.

During the holiday season I love to indulge in all the festivities as much as possible and that includes my literature!

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As corny as it sounds, there is nothing I love more than curling up with a nice warm blanket, some hot chocolate and a
sappy winter romance or holiday/ festive tale.
It's one of the many ways I like to get into the spirit of the season and over the years, has become a bit of a tradition I
like to do for myself.
This month, after days of searching, I decided on Snow In Love,  a cute teen-romance/YA holiday-themed novel
consisting of four short stories.

Snow and Mistletoe by Kasie West

Sawyer Harris and friends Wes and Logan (and older sister Heather) are all in Denver Colorado where they meet up with
high school exchange student/singer Amalie who was in Italy for a year but decided to come home due to a recent bout
with performance anxiety. After her flight is canceled (along with any hopes of making it home in time to surprise her
family for Christmas), Amalie meets Sawyer in the airport and decides to take her chances and  road trip it home with
Sawyer and his friends thus resulting in a holiday adventure. I love that this story is told in time stamps and while a bit
predictable, it was my favorite story of the four.

Working In A Winter Wonderland by Aimee Friedman takes us to good 'ole NYC where Maxine Silver is a Jewish

girl fawning over her huge crush- Heath Barton. One day while out, Maxine bumps into Heath who suggests she apply for
a position at his father's department store-Barton’s. Maxine, who is strapped for cash, is in need of a job and is
planning on using all of her extra dough to buy THE dress to wear to her best friend Tara's NYE party. This is also the
dress that is supposed to make Heath fall madly in love with Maxine. In any case, Maxine lands the job at Barton's that
turns out to not be what she expects-in fact, nothing or no one is as expected in this short tale which is what made this
story so enjoyable. 

The Magi’s Gifts by Melissa De La Cruz is a sweet spin on the classic Christmas tale about giving.

Kelsey is dating Brenden, a "misfit" in their small town. Kelsey just so happens to also be friends with Gigi- a rich teen
who came to be friends with Kelsey- who so desperately wants to fit in with the (very rich) "In" crowd. Because Brenden
and Gigi are polar opposites in every sense of the word-Kelsey often finds herself having to struggle and balance both
worlds, even more so now when the two worlds are about to collide. This sweet Christmas story was a sweet and gentle
reminder that the holiday season is more so about the joy of giving more so than then receiving.

Grounded by Nic Stone takes us to the dreaded airport in this short tale. Leigh Danielle Wells is currently  en route to

Florida to celebrate Christmas/Hannakuh with her family and her parents' family friend-The Kemps. The problem is
that the last time Leigh saw the Kemp's daughter Harper, things got super weird between the two of them. Leigh's been
avoiding Harper ever since, but now she's forced to confront her friend when the two wind up both being stranded at the
Atlanta airport together and decide to play a game of eye-spy/scavenger hunt.While this short story had little to nothing
to do with the holiday season, I really enjoyed this short story. Out of all the four, this one was the least bit predictable.
The story itself is definitely geared more toward the Gen X and Y era as the subject matter and bulk of the story reads
text messages but overall I liked this story.
Overall I really loved this collection of short stories and thought it was the perfect way to kick-start the festivities of the
season and lift my holiday spirits!
Final Review: 5/5
Buy it HERE!

Back when I was a little girl I loved to read holiday-themed books like these from my favorite authors.
Christmas Classics in book form!!
Over the past few years, these are some of the books I have been reading during the holiday season!
What are you reading for the month of December? Comment down below if you like seasonal reads like I do and share some of your favorite holiday tales?


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