Trending: Dying Over Denim

One of my favorite fashion trends for the fall season  is definitely denim. The denim trend has definitely kicked it up a notch this season and has quickly  become a  super trendy and popular staple in the fashion world.

I love how easy and accessible  denim has become and how you can find  the cutest and most affordable pieces just about anywhere.

Denim is also super fun to play around with and you can either dress it up or dress it down and put your own little twist on how you want to rock it. Whether you want it to add some detail to your outfit   as an accessory like a cute shoe or bag, or you want to really play up the denim trend and have it be the focal point of your ensemble(like a cute denim dress or skirt), denim has become such a versatile, classic trend  and I love playing around and seeing how I want to incorporate my denim in an outfit. Below I’ve created this Polyvore Board where I brainstormed different ways to rock the Denim Trend.

As usual I made sure all the pieces I picked out were affordable and under $100.  For full deets on everything in this board click here.   Be sure to leave a comment letting me know how you like to rock your denim. 👕

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