My New Favorite Foundation ( Milk Makeup Blurring Foundation Review + Swatches)

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Today I wanted to bring you a full review of the new Milk Makeup Blurring Foundation and Gel Applicator. As a oily gal, I am constantly searching for the perfect foundation that's  going to leave my skin flawless, fabulous and not looking like a grease ball after a few hours. 

Milk makeup has been doing such big things lately as they continue to expand their product brand so I was beyond excited to test and try their new foundation and gel applicator. 

After weeks of testing I finally have my full review on both the foundation, applicator as well as swatches and pictures. 

Overall I definitely really like this foundation and after testing it out for a few weeks, this foundation definitely has become a fast favorite of mine. I got the shades Golden Deep, which is more neutral and Toffee which is slightly cooler. While both shades matched pretty well  I gravitated a bit more toward Golden Deep personally but will definitely use Toffee as well. One thing I really liked and appreciated was the shade range. I like that their shade range had lots of different options for all skin tones and different shades for each undertone. 

When I first tried this foundation I was going to an event and really was looking to test the longevity and coverage. The texture when I first applied it was a bit runny but after shaking the tube the consistency was normal. I will say that I noticed with each application this product did get messy and it did stain my skin. For my second application I made sure to be extra careful with the tube and with application and would recommend applying the foundation directly with a foundation brush first and then blending it out with the gel applicator or another blending tool just to ensure it doesn't stain your skin or anything else. The foundation was definitely full coverage and  I liked how weightless it felt when I was applying it and after it was set with powder. It blended so nicely into my skin and although I was wearing a long-wear full coverage foundation it felt more skin like versus heavy which I really appreciated.  

I get SUPER oily after just a few hours and was pleasantly surprised with the longevity of this foundation. The first time I used this foundation I used a bit too much and it left me a bit greasy so I had to blot and wipe the excess off, but afterward my skin was left smooth and matte. A little bit goes along way I noticed with this foundation so when you are applying it, I'd start off with a dime sized amount and then add more if you want a bit more coverage. 

As for the blurring capabilities, it claimed to use blurring microspheres to minimize the appearance of pores, fine lines and imperfections for a smooth and flawless finish. At first I didn't really notice a huge difference but after taking a few pictures I really noticed a difference in how flawless and smooth my skin looked! 

I'd definitely recommend this foundation if you're looking for a full coverage, oil free foundation that minimizes your pores and blurs your imperfections to leave you with a flawless look. 

As for the applicator, I'm not big on gel applicators or sponges and as much as I wanted to love this applicator it didn't work out as well as I had wanted it to. 
 I did notice a distinct scent to the sponge itself when  I first opened it which I didn't like but I liked how small and compact it was and the sponge itself was designed well. It didn't feel or look cheaply made and the packaging was cute. 

In terms of application, I wasn't too fond of how the applicator applied the foundation. It was a bit too small for my liking and I had to work with it more than I liked when blending out the foundation. 
As much as I loved the concept it just didn't pull through for me with this applicator. 

I received this product  complimentary for review purposes.(@Milkmakeup @influenster #thatblurtho #contest)

I hope this review was helpful if you were looking to try this foundation and applicator! If you have tried it or have this foundation, be sure to leave a comment on how you liked/or didn't like it. Plus, if you have any foundation recommendations, be sure to leave those below too! 

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