How I Stay Matte :Tips and Tricks To Dealing With Oily Skin

It can definitely be a struggle when you’re  trying to look your best when you have troubled skin. As someone who has been dealing with my oily acne prone skin since my teens I have been able to pick up a few tricks and tips along the way on how I keep my skin clean, moisturized and smooth without looking like a grease ball after only a few hours. I wanted to share with you some ways I have managed to control my oily skin and give you guys some pointers and products on what has been working for me. 

❣Invest In A Good Cleanser, Moisturizer and Mask. Getting your skincare routine down  can be a big challenge in itself,  but can really make a difference on your skin and help control oil. Because our skin produces an excess amount of oil, it’s important to not only focus on makeup that helps control it but to use the proper skincare products as well. For me personally that includes finding the proper cleanser, moisturizer and even face masks that work well with my oily and acne prone skin. Because of my acne prone skin that sometimes includes using separate cleansers and products for both skin issues. Either way, when it comes to dealing with your oily skin it is ESSENTIAL to use the proper skincare products for your skin. By doing this you are deep cleaning your skin and ridding any dirt, oil and impurities and creating a nice smooth (and less oily) canvas for your makeup and still giving your skin some hydration without overdoing it. 
Products I currently use: Clean & Clear Oil Free Acne Cleanser(to help control my breakouts), Freeman’s Refining Cleanser (Pear Scented), Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer, Clean & Clear dual action moisturizer (for my breakouts), Clean & Clear on the spot acne treatment|Masks: I’ve been experimenting with so many sheet masks lately and will do a post dedicated to this topic later on because I really think doing a mask really helps keep your skin clean, but when I’m looking for any type of mask or skincare products I look for products that say “oil free”, “controls oil” “good for oily skin” or “fights breakouts or acne.” Anything that has a lot of “hydration” or  is super moisturizing I will tend to stay away from because I find that usually targets more drier skin and will work against mine. 

❣Keep A Routine. I definitely even to this day, struggle with this one, especially after a really long day or just coming in from a night out but it’s super SUPER important to definitely try and keep a skincare regime daily. I know for me personally, I am better at doing my skincare regime in the morning versus at night because I’ll either forget or I’ll fall asleep but it can definitely make a world of a difference on your skin. Right now, my skin seems to be doing okay with me doing my skincare regime just once a day, but ideally, I would love to get  down to doing it once in the morning and at night because I know it will really help my skin out a lot and make an even bigger difference.  Whatever works for best for you, make sure you are cleansing your skin and doing a full deep clean at least once a day and not just using a makeup wipe or water. 

(*Just a quick side note, I want to reiterate that just because you have oily skin that does not mean that you don’t need to moisturize. I know a lot of people think that because their skin gets oily that they think they have too much moisture and don’t need to moisturize, BUT that’s not the case. All that means is you need a moisturizer that will add moisture to your skin and combat any EXCESS oil you may overproduce so please don’t skimp out on a moisturizer if you have oily skin because you will still need one regardless.) 

Mattifying Primers and Gel Are Your Friend.
When it comes to makeup, I know for me I struggled (and still do), struggle with finding the right products that work well with my skin. There are so many different products out there on the market that it can be super frustrating and stressful to find what works best for you. My advice would be to take your time, do your research and do a lot of trial and error. Try not to get overwhelmed by the process and have faith that you will find products that will work better for you. Below I’ve listed some products I’ve found work pretty good for my skin. 
Primers: I tend to go for primers that are mattifying, as they will eliminate any surface oil and keep the skin smooth and not as slippery when applying products like foundation or concealer. When picking a mattifying primer it should feel sticky in texture. Some of my current favs : MUFE Step 1 Mattifying Primer, Rimmel Stay Matte Primer, NYX Shine Killer Primer,MAC Prep + Prime Skin Refinement
Foundations and Concealers: Foundations and Concealers are by far the hardest makeup product to find ESPECIALLY for oily skin. I know makeup artists and tons of women everywhere who have oily skin and STILL can’t find a decent foundation and concealer that keeps them matte. Foundation and concealer is just one of those things where it all depends on the person. The reality is that no foundation is gonna have the same effect on everyone so it’s just best to do A LOT of trial and error. Sometimes I’ll find a foundation that works really great and then it won’t anymore and that’s just the reality. So when shopping for a foundation or concealer don’t get discouraged, just keep trying until you find one that works. Also, when it comes to foundations and concealers gel based products will dry quickly and work best with oily skin types so look for gel based foundations and concealers vs. water or mineral based. These foundations will work against oily skin. My current favs: Revlon ColorStay Foundation, LoReal Pro Infallible Foundation, MAC Pro Longwear concealer, MUFE Concealer
Powders: Aside from finding a good primer and foundation, choosing the right powder to set your makeup can make a world of a difference! There are so many different powders out there so here are my suggestions: Talc helps combat oiliness. When it doubt, look for loose powders that have talc as they help block oil from coming through to the surface(Think: Baby powder). Speaking of loose powders, they tend to work better for oily skin as they tend to be lighter in weight vs. a regular powder as the powder tends to be “loose” and broken down into smaller grains vs. a pressed powder that is more compacted (hence the name). Pressed powders tend to be heavier so I would say look for powders that have a lighter feel to it and work to mattify the skin. Also, blotting powders and mattifying powders also work great for oily skin (just be careful they don’t leave a white cast). Current favs: MUFE Loose Setting Powders, Black Opal Loose Powders and Oil Blotting Powders, Mac Blotting Powder, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, Wet N Wild Take On The Day Mattifying Powder  
Blushes, Highlighter and Contour Products: When it comes to blushes, highlighters and contour products, for the most part I find that I use more powder products vs. cream or liquid-especially for my blush and my contour. From time to time, depending on whether I want a more defined or dramatic look I will use a cream highlight or cream contour but for me personally I find that powders have the same effect as a cream while keeping my face more matte vs. oily. As far as my current favs, I use all types of brands from drugstore to highend. It’s all a matter of personal preference.  
Setting Sprays: I tend to use the same theory with my setting sprays as I do with my primers being as how they are respectively the first and last steps of applying my makeup. Mattifying setting sprays help keep your makeup in place all day/night and help control oil. Some of my current favs: Urban Decay All Nighter, NYX Matte Setting Spray, ELF Matte and Mist Setting Spray
Oil Blotting Sheets: Oil Blotting Sheets are always a must have for me in my purse especially for those times where I can’t get to a mirror to re powder or when I just don’t want to walk with a lot of makeup. Blotting sheets are great because it helps remove any visible shine from your face without taking off any makeup. I even sometimes like to use blotting sheets after ive just applied my makeup. It really helps. You can get blotting sheets anywhere. From the drugstore to the beauty supply store there are tons of brands just shop around and find which one you like best! Recc BP’s- ELF, NYX,Neutrogena, Clean & Clear

❣Switch Things Up. Everyone’s skin is different and  will react differently to certain products so what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. Also, it’s super important, especially when it comes to dealing with your face and any troubled areas or sensitivity issues that you may have to switch up with your routines or try new products. I know for me personally, my skin reacts and changes so much that it’s necessary sometimes for me to try a different mask or cleanser because what was working for me isn’t working for me anymore, so while it’s really important to give products enough time for them to take effect on your skin, if after a while you see a product just isn’t cutting it, it may be time to switch things up. 

❣Remain Positive. For those moments where it seems like nothing is working and it’ll never get better, try and remain positive and just give it time. Our skin and bodies are constantly changing so its important for us to work with what we’ve got and just take it day by day. (And try not to stress, they can lead to breakouts!) 

Combating oily skin is not always easy and there will definitely come times you struggle with it but hopefully with some of my tips you feel a little better and can alter your routine and find what works best for you! If you have any other recommended tips or products that have worked well for you or helped you, be sure to share and leave a comment! I’d love to hear and am always looking for more tips and products to try! 

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