Sweater Weather (Sweater Dresses)

Hi Divas!!!

With all this cold weather and snow we've been getting lately here on the East Coast, I wanted to dedicate today's post to one of my all time FAVORITE Winter essentials-Sweater Dresses!

On those days during the winter when I want to ditch the jeans and Uggs and dress up a bit, I find Sweater Dresses are the absolute perfect way to do so. One of the great things about The Sweater Dress is you can easily go from a Day to Night by adding a heel or over the knee boot, they are super easy to accessorize with, and did I mention how WARM they can be?  

Like the LBD or standard 'Work Dress', Sweater Dresses come in a  variety of lengths, styles and patterns making it the perfect no fuss outfit to throw on in a hurry. 

Below are a few of my favorite Sweater Dresses I found perfect for this time of year. Take a look and leave a comment below on how you would dress up your Sweater Dress. 

Sweater Weather (Sweater Dresses)

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