Workout Wednesdays

These days it can be so daunting getting to the gym that here at TheDivasGuide, we are ALWAYS looking for great alternatives to the traditional and often boring treadmill and lifting machine routines we encounter at the gym. While we aren't knocking hitting the gym or investing in a personal trainer, we feel that the more you try different workouts and exercises, you'll find what works for you and allows you to reach the desired results you crave.  If you're looking for a great alternative and want to quiet your mind at the same time, yoga just may be a new workout routine to try. Focusing mainly on stretches and meditation, this less aggressive workout alternative can quiet the mind and allow you to work muscles you didn't know you have!

Below s a basic Yoga Video we found on Youtube to help let your inner yogi shine through!

What's your favorite way to get into shape Divas?

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