My Morning Skincare Regime

As any true diva knows, looking fabulous and feeling great starts with taking care of yourself. And while makeup can often enhance how we look, it should NOT be your primary source of feeling good about yourself and how you look. Too often we see women with pounds and pounds of makeup on and when they take it off we see that their skin is horrible. The best makeup application looks best on a clear and CLEAN canvas so it's important to take care of your skin, drink tons of water and ALWAYS take your makeup off before bed!

Finding the right skincare regime takes some research and trial and error but once you find one that works- stick to it! Below is my skincare regime I do every morning before putting my makeup on. Since I have acne prone skin that tends to get oily, I found that this Clean & Clear system works for me. Everyone's skin is different so once you've found what works for you, stick with it and in no time, you'll have beautiful, flawless skin! 

My Skincare Regime (Mornings Only): 

1. Using your hands wet your face with luke warm water.

2.Apply a small thin layer of facial cleanser to your face, massaging the cleanser into your skin thoroughly using small circular motions.

3. Rinse face thoroughly with your hands and pat dry with a damp washcloth (don't wipe or rub product into your skin, if there is still residue on your face from the cleanser, rinse with water using your hands- NOT the cloth) to avoid irritation. 

4. Apply a thin layer of moisturizer all over your face, massaging it into your skin in small circular motions. Make sure moisturizer is fully dry before applying primer or makeup to your face.

*Extra Step: Sometimes when I do get a random pimple and I need it to be cleared up quickly, I'll apply my Clean & Clear Persa Gel directly on the pimple after I wash my face and then apply the moisturizer. Because of it's strong potency though, it's important to follow all the instructions carefully, read the side effects and if it causes an allergic reaction - Discontinue using the product immediately to avoid a rash or any other possible damage to your face.

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