Fashion Trends: Bookbags

One of our favorite old school accessories is making a comeback and this trend is looking like it is here to stay.

Book bags are no longer just for school kids to hold their notebooks and pencils.Book bags are actually making a huge comeback as one of the hottest accessories to have today.

Unlike our childhood Hello Kitty and Batman bookbags, today's hottest Bookbags come embellished with adornments like jewels and glitter and are made from some of the finest and most  luxurious fabrics including leather, suede and fur.

If you wanna try this trend stick to something trendy, yet functional- like a leather bag in a bright color. Also make sure that the bag does its purpose. There's nothing like investing into an expensive bag only to have the handles break or it tear weeks later or find out that the bag is too small to fit all your things.
Below I left a few of my picks for this trend: Let me know -nistas, what do you think of the 'Bookbag' trend? Do you think Bookbags should just be for kids or is it a trend you'll be rockin'?



Marc by Marc Jacobs

Michael Michael Kors

Victoria's Secret PINK

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