Beyonce Taught Me : Lessons From A Diva

In honor of the Queen Bey's birthday, below are a few lessons Beyonce has taught me since she took her reign and how they've helped so many women live their best lives. 

A) Do What You Love: Part of the reason that Beyonce has become so successful is because she knew from a young age what she loved and what she wanted to do with her life and she did it. When Beyonce was a little girl she knew two things- she loved to sing and she was going to be a performer. Instead of settling for a 9-5 or a "regular job" Beyonce went with her gut, followed her passion and put her all into performing and singing. Not having a plan B and throwing herself into her work, Beyonce was able to do what she loved and the success followed. By doing what she loved and not settling Beyonce has shown  me to do what you love and everything else will fall into place.

B) Work Hard/Go Big or Go Home: While Beyonce may have had the talent and passion, she didn't just get to be the huge success she has become overnight. As she put it in Diva, "Since 15 in my stilettos been struttin in this game...". Beyonce didn't just rely on luck or getting a big break, once she knew what she wanted she WORKED toward creating the vision and life that she wanted. Starting from her younger days in a girl group, to her teen years with Destiny's Child and then her young twenties as a solo artist, Beyonce has shown that if you work hard and always give 100 percent- you will be successful. And it's with that fire and passion that Beyonce continually shows us her amazing work ethic. As she got older and more mature in the music game Beyonce took on more and more, giving her all every step of the way. From producing and directing to editing videos, touring, and filming documentaries and videos, Beyonce has graduated from performer to full fledged businesswoman acting as manager for her career and an entire brand that includes apparel, perfumes and movies!

C) No Matter How Big or Successful You Get, Stay True To Yourself: There are very few things you can't deny when it comes to Beyonce- she's one helluva performer, she's a loving wife and mother, and she's as down to earth and humble as she was when she first started. Beyonce has managed to stay true not just to herself but to her friends, family and fans. Losing sight of who you are can be hard once you've reached a certain level of success, but Beyonce has shown that you can remain true to yourself  no matter how much success you've accumulated.

D) You CAN Be A Woman That Has It All: Beyonce has managed to build an incredible career, be apart of a wonderful marriage to one of the most successful men in hip hop and expand her family with the birth of daughter Blue Ivy. If there is one thing to take away from all of this, it's that Beyonce has definitely shown and proven that women can lead successful lives and careers, be their own bosses,  AND have the happy marriage and family. Beyonce has as many hours in a day as every other woman. And aside from the power anthems she has suppplied us with over the years, Beyonce has practiced what she preached. Women can have it all, women can lead the lives they wish to have. With passion, a strong work ethic and a great attitude Beyonce has taught me that living your best life and achieving your goals start within you.

Now ladies, sing it with me..."Girls we run this mother!..."

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