Book Review: Bought

I just finished the novel Bought by up and coming author Anna David and it was everything I wanted and more.
Bought tells the story of a young aspiring writer named Emma who works at a crummy magazine, with a dismal job- getting quotes and tidbits from C- list celebs on the press line of events. After being dumped by this high powered guy and dealing with her own insecurities within herself and family, Emma stumbles upon her first potential feature story and a chance to do the writing she's always dreamed of. She meets Jessica, a high-class "kept" woman who is paid for by high rolling men in the industry.

Emma, goes undercover to explore the world of high-class hookers and to see if any and everything really does have a price. In the process she makes some friends, meets a lot of people, and makes some shocking discoveries that help her gauge who she is as a person and what her morals are.

Bought does not skip a beat or fall short. Its a juicy read that explores sex,drugs, money and power and it is anything short of great. I'd recommend this book for anyone who wants to read a fun quick entertaining book about a taboo topic.

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