Fall Fashion and Beauty 2011

Fashion Week ended last week in New York City which meant, clothes, designers, and fashion shows!!!

I for one was incredibly excited to see what the designers had for this fall/winter season. With all this fashion in the air I thought I'd give you a preview of some of the trends already out this season.

So apparently lace is on trend this season and with the bits that I have seen it looks as though this trend works the same as the animal print trend; sparingly and using it as an accent. I would also recommend that with any trend involving distinct styles and patterns to tame down the rest of your ensemble.

2.Bright and Bold colors-orange, blue, yellow, etc.- Especially bold and bright colored jeans. The bright and bold colors are back and this time they are in the jeans. So far I have seen skinny jeans in electric blue, pumpkin orange and canary yellow. Paired with the right neutrals I think this trend combines the "Spring-like" feel with the fall weather.

3.Liquid Liner
-Liquid liner is very much in trend for the season as far as makeup trends for the season. But unlike the classic cat eye, (which is still very much a trend of the season) this season the liner is coming back with full force and all types of styles- dramatic, Egyptian(circa Cleopatra), thick, bold and winged. And its not just limited to classic black. This season they are incorporating teals, blues, purples and striking silvers to add drama to the looks. Again, with this trend, I HIGHLY suggest that if you're going to go for a dramatic look you tone down the rest of your makeup. You don't want to look to clownish. Also, when going for the more dramatic looks they look best for nights out on the town.

4.Messy and loose braids, buns and waves/curls
- This season the hair is care and drama free. Buns, braids waves and curls are in season but the look is more relaxed and casual.Runways are flooding with models with disheveled and relaxed hair.

5.Ponchos and Capes-Ponchos and Capes made a small appearance last fall and this year they are back and in full force! While some still may go back and forth with this trend, if you are going to try this style, be sure to do a few things before you make your purchase.
a)Try it on in the store. A Poncho or Cape is a great option for a fall day out when the whether is cool but not frigid cold. And while the shape of the jacket is more giving, you have to make sure it fits. There is nothing like seeing a Cape or Poncho on a woman and it looks like she borrowed it from from a child. What's even worse is when the Cape/Poncho swallows your shape. You want it to do its purpose without taking away from your shape.
b)Mix up the styles. I think a poncho/cape is a great trend where you can experience with different styles and colors. Red,yellow, tartan,etc. Mix it up.
c)Make sure it's affordable but don't break the bank on this one. Remember its a poncho/cape, which means you won't be able to wear it into the winter season because it just simply isn't warm enough for that. So if you get one, make sure it is appropriately lined where you won't freeze in the fall, but don't spend too much because you wont be able to wear it through the winter.

6.Satchel Bags in crocodile and snakeskin patterns-Satchel bags are nothing new. In fact they are the most common style of bag for the fall and winter seasons. What is different this season is the style. Designers are embracing animal print in a new way-animal skin.Faux crocodile and snakeskin are everywhere this season in neutral colors.Me being a dedicated "bagnista", I find this style to be timeless and classic. If you are going to splurge on this trend make sure its a style that is conducive to your lifestyle.

What are some fall/winter trends you will be trying this season?

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