Book Review: Cosmopolitan Girls

I was skimming a bookstore website looking for new material to check out and read and I came across this novel. Published a few years back, this book, Cosmopolitan Girls by Charlotte Burley and Lyah Beth Leflore, caught my attention.

There were a few things I found interesting about this book one of them of course was the title, and the second was that it had two authors. Having read a few books with two different authors I had high expectations. Mind you, writing one book with one plot with two different authors can be a disaster if both writers aren't on the same page.

I went into reading it with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised by this little gem.

This book is a great, easy, and quick read. I finished it within a few hours. The book follows two career women having to deal with their troubled love lives, their careers and trying to find happiness in their lives.

What I enjoyed the most after finishing this book is the large promotion of friendship. It was a great story to remind women that with the craziness of life, and relationships, and work that sometimes a drink with great friends is not just a thing to do- it's a necessity. It's important to have those few girlfriends who you can call on to talk about anything, those that support you, and those that are really there for. Not just a shopping buddy, a dance buddy, a drinking buddy, or a gossiper, but someone who is your confidante, someone you can joke and laugh with, someone who is encouraging and someone who lifts you up in the only way women can do to each other.

This book was really great and exceeded my expectations and despite its old publishing date, it flowed great, was incredibly relatable and reminds women of an old concept in a different and new way.

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