Beauty Junkie: Timeless Nail Polish Colors

Nail polish is one of my favorite beauty products.

I think a change of nail polish is a great way to express yourself and update your look and what is great is that it doesn't have to cost you a lot of money.

So here is my personal list of timeless colors that I think every girl should own (or at least try):

1.Fire engine red- Red represents classic glamour and timeless sexiness. When your nails are short and neatly manicured a fierce red adds the great touch. Recommendation: NYC Nail Color in Red Rouge

2.Baby pink- I light pink is sweet, feminine and girly.
Recommendation: Essie Nail Polish in Fiji

3.White- I love white nail polish. I think there is something very underrated about white nail polish. I think it looks clean, fresh and bright.
Recommendation: Brucci Nail polish in Snow White

5.Black: I also love black nail polish, I think when your nails are short and neatly manicured, it can look really chic.
Recommendation: NYK in Noir

6.Nude: I love a great nude polish. I find that if you use a color that is closer to your actual skin tone it works better than a "pinkish nude" on your nails.
Recommendation: Varies depending on your skin tone, but I find Essie to have a large variety.

7.Gray: Recently within the past couple of months I have found that gray acts as a great color on most skin tones, especially for the winter months.
Recommendation: Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Commander in Chic

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