Magazine Junkie: Fashion Edition

So, my quest for finding the perfect magazine continues on and this week I'm gonna blog about trying to find the perfect fashion magazine-which if you ladies follow fashion like I do know, that is no easy feat.

Let me start off with a disclaimer. The truth is that when it comes to finding the right fashion magazine each woman and what they are looking for is different.

Unlike in life and style magazines and tabloids the demographics are easier to please.

When it comes to fashion however, because each woman has their own personal style and likes and dislikes, what may work for one woman may not work for the other. Such things also like economic class also, do play apart in what Fashion Magazine you may or may not like or read.

There is high end one of a kind couture and then there is bargain basement. And with Vintage it can either be incredibly expensive or cheap and chic.

Now,when it came to finding a good fashion magazine I did A LOT more research and leg work than I did with the Life and Style magazines.

For one, there is a lot more Fashion Magazines out there than any other type of Magazine and I wanted to find one that suits my particular wants and needs.

First up was Vogue. Also known to MANY MANY other women as "The Fashion Bible"...It just so happens, I'm not one of those women. Don't get me wrong I LOVE Anna Wintour and think she is a genuis when it comes to fashion and finding the great trends of the season, but I can't afford Couture. And while a gal can dream, a gal can also waist five dollars every month looking at clothes she probably wont be able to buy, wear or see in this or the next two life times.

Maybe one day I'll read it more but for right now Vogue is just a "The Fashion Bible of clothes I can't afford and is a tease of all things I want and can't have."

After Vogue I took a jab at Marie Claire. Now, I went back and forth with Marie Claire. And I give them an A for effort but in terms of a real fashion magazine I think it falls short and goes back and forth between wanting to be a Fashion Magazine and a Life Style Magazine.

Harper's Bazaar has some of the most fabulous pictures and photography I've seen and it's demographic is centered around upper middle to upper class women.

People Style Watch, Lucky and InStyle are great magazines for affordable fashions and includes more celebrity style than runway and couture fashion.

Nylon Magazine is what I like to describe as a "quirky fashion magazine for non-Voguers".

And finally, there is Elle. Out of all the Fashion Magazines I'd say Elle is by far my favorite. While there are a good amount of ads, I think there is something in there for pretty much everyone. I think it's take on fashion is fresh yet fierce and it does have other topics and sections devoted to things other than fashion and beauty.

I believe we have a winner.

Next up is... Health and Beauty!

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