Book Review: Style

This week's book review is on Lauren Conrad's book Style. Simple title for a pretty simple, straightforward book on fashion and beauty.

If you all don't know, Lauren Conrad started out as a reality t.v. star on Laguna Beach and The Hills. On the show we all got to see her dreams come true as she transitioned herself from college girl to fashionista in the fashion industry.

Now, as a designer and author, her latest book on Style I think is a pretty good "foundation" for teens and young women.

The book definitely coincides with Lauren's own personal fashion sense rather than going into depth with different types of fashion and style.

I would consider Lauren's style to definitely be simple, classy, chic, yet feminine and fun.

The pictures are great, plus there are great tips on tailoring, buying Vintage, and finding the perfect pair of jeans.

If you're looking for a quick read, a foundation on style or your a fan of Lauren's style (as I am), than check it out.

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