Book Review: True You

My latest book review is on True You by Janet Jackson.

I have been a huge of Janet Jackson since her Velvet Rope Days (for those non-fans, that's around 1998) and I had been wanting her to release a book for quite some time.

When I got word that she was finally coming out with a book, I made a bee-line for the library (because in these economic times who has the money to buy a $25 dollar book? Don't judge me) and checked it out.

The book was about a topic Janet has battled with for nearly her entire life-self-esteem.

It was a quick read with tons of candid shots and was a very personal account with Janet's struggle with weight and her self-esteem.

Although her stage presence is very captivating and full of confidence, it was interesting to read about her insecurities with her body and weight.

For most of her career Janet has been known as a bonafide sex symbol so to read about the moments in her life where she felt ugly, disconnected and insecure was refreshing. I think it was a great account of a woman who is adored by thousands and it was great to see the "human" side of someone who is fictionalized by society.

It is a great inspirational and self-help book for anyone dealing with self-esteem or weight or for anyone who just wants to know a little bit more about her.

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